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Everyone has an opinion .. I'm honored when someone thinks my work is good and I appreciate hearing from knowledgeable people who think I can do better so I'm going to share of the opinions I've received. Hope you'll understand that won't be including the one where my singing was compared to that of the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz. I'm sure you'll understand!

The Nearness
of You

Jazz Weekly: The Nearness of You

by George W. Harris • May 22, 2014


Here’s a vocalist with an old soul of a voice. Dena Taylor teams up with David Chao/key, Evan Arredondo/b, Ernie Durawa/snares and Rick McRae/g for a collection of jazz standards. She’s got a wide vibrato as demonstrated on “When October Goes” and “Solitude” and comes across quite nostalgic throughout the whole session. A take of “Do Nothin’ Til You Hear From Me” is clever in having Taylor team  up with simply guitar and snares, while “Besame Mucho” has a sensuous lilt with two guitars and  percussion. Sentimental without being cloying.

Round Midnight

TAXI A&R: Round Midnight

July 2008


The track opens with a solid bass line doubled with piano establishing a motif that is revisited gracefully throughout the arrangement. The performance has the spirit of a traditional jazz trio & vocal group working through a head chart while including a subtle arrangement adding depth to an otherwise familiar format. Nice job.

The vocal performance feels good too .. right in the pocket. I like the way the vocalist shapes the phrasing without over doing it and lets the music dictate a natural direction.

The group swings with taste making this an easy listening experience - always a good thing.


MyMusicSucess: Certitude

by Rosana Caban • February 25, 2011


... Rather than give us a collection of standards, Dena gives us a cohesive album that flows from one track to the next. She has the experience to know how to please a listener with her voice, which is not unlike Carly Simon, especially in the tracks “I Thought About You” and “The Man I Love”. The simplicity of her performances showcases how control and poise can sometimes resonate stronger than over-the-top vocal performances ...


... This album is a wonderful addition to any music library. This will easily be embraced by fans of jazz who wouldn’t mind a bit of country in their lives AND fans of country who wouldn’t mind a little jazz in theirs.


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