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Support radio stations & podcasts that support the independent artist by including their music in their playlists and not just major label artists!!!! They play what they think you will enjoy hearing!!

Be sure to write or call in with requests or just to tell them that you appreciate their work!!

These are some of the stations where you'll hear my music!

RadioSatellite2 • Paris, France

Promotional video by  RadioSatellite2

VirginiaMuse Vocal Jazz

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Radio 1300 Logo v01.png

WKQK Radio 1300

The Voice of the Arts & Entertainment

in Brevard

United States

WSCS  90.9  FM

New London, NH

Fine Music Radio

Cape Town So. Africa

Severn FM

United Kingdom

Rock Radio UK

United Kingdom

Black on Blues Podcast

Adelaide's Coast FM 88.7

Adelaide, Australia

Riverside Country Radio 88.3 FM

Foxton Beach New Zealand

Austin Jazz Singer: Dena Taylor

Dena Taylor

IMC's 2014 Best Female Jazz Artist

"It's not enough for music to BE good, it also has to DO good!"

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