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"The latest project from vocalist Dena Taylor showcases the incredible talent and collaboration of musicians like Redd Volkaert, Floyd Domino, and Joey Colarusso. These tracks (Moonglow and Alone Together) capture the heart and soul of Dena's music, inviting listeners to take a journey of self-discovery and emotion."


Want to find out more about me? Up Close & Personal is the place! There's also a link to several interviews.


Not only can you listen to my music in the Music Store but you can buy it as well! 

And please take the time to find out about The Lullaby Project!


Austin Jazz Singer: Dena Taylor

The purpose of The Lullaby Project is to provide something that can offer comfort and be soothing to people – primarily children, cancer patients & vets with  PTSD – in high stressed or displaced situations.


Click here to  learn more about the Lullaby Project and to submit a request.


My dogs: Spencer and Belle

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