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July 2020 -  The world has gone crazy, hasn't it? Wheew!!!

One thing that hasn't changed is that musicians still make music even if it isn't necessarily going out and gigging. You find ways! I'm really excited that Grammy winner Floyd Domino has sucked it and is once again braving hammering out some new songs .. well .. not new! We've picked out 3 songs that we're Facetiming arrangements for. Interesting and actually is working!! It will be awhile before we're close to taking them into the studio. Unfortunately, Austin is one of the hotspots in a state that is still raging with Covid-19. But as Floyd and I work out arrangements we're also figuring out who else we'll be dragging back into the studio with us. For sure it won't be the ever present Grammy winner Redd Volkaert.

Sadly for Austin, the incredible Redd Volkaert and his lovely bride packed up and moved to their farm in Virginia. Nope .. he hasn't given up music. He's just making it in another state now. It's sure going to feel odd to be in the studio without him but from the sound of it .. they are doing great!!




Austin Jazz Singer: Dena Taylor

The purpose of The Lullaby Project is to provide something that can offer comfort and be soothing to people – primarily children, cancer patients & vets with  PTSD – in high stressed or displaced situations.


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Austin Jazz Singer: Dena Taylor

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Austin Jazz Singer: Dena Taylor

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