September 2020 -  Seriously .. it's September? It doesn't feel a day past January 2020 OR a day earlier that December 2030. Probably wishful thinking and a need to ignore this cabin fever. BTW, has someone lost their Covid Manic Baking weight .. don't worry .. it showed up on my doorstep and invited itself in! It wants to come home now!! Puhleeeze!!

I don't know if this Facetiming music thing is working BUT it keeps me out of arm's reach when I'm driving Floyd insane. If I look down and not at the screen, I don't even notice him rolling his eyes at me. I still hear the heavy sighing though! I am always so surprised to be working with multiple Grammy winning Floyd Domino .. surprised, thrilled aanndd a little intimidated.

One of the few nice things about having survived long enough to be an old lady and out-of-the-mainstream is that I can pick the songs I want to do. I'm a torch singer born far too long after the age of dark, smoky bars with a stage tucked in the corner and people drinking whiskey and listening to dark slow songs filled with sighs and longing!  Granted the vocalist and the trio threw in a couple more uptempo songs with a more positive slant but they'd eventually return to the smoke and clinking glasses .. even after hours when everyone was dog tired but still at the keyboard or microphone just not ready to leave!


And that's what we're working on now ... a Dakota Staton song that asks the question we have all asked atleast once, What Do You See In Her?  If you aren't familiar with her, be sure to check her out. WOW! I first fell in "like" with Then I'll Be Tired of You  when I heard Torme do it. I fell in "love" with it after hearing the Dudley Moore Trio doing it with Marion Montgomery. Then there's both Shirley Horne's and Astrid Gilberto's versions of Once I Loved, a Joabim bossa nova classic and have had it on my "wanna" list for a long time. Since I ain't gettin' any younger .. I figured the time was here!!

With things the way they are now .. no telling when we'll get it into the studio but, hopefully, it will be soon. Being able to safely isolate into separate areas while recording (headphones let us hear and speak to each other) increases the chances of a very late Fall release. You'll be the first to hear them here on the home page!

Until then .. everyone be safe!! Think outside yourself and do what's best for your family, your friends and your community! And be kind and extend some courtesy and respect to anyone who crosses your path .. not one of those 3 things EVER broke anything!!!




Austin Jazz Singer: Dena Taylor

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Austin Jazz Singer: Dena Taylor

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Austin Jazz Singer: Dena Taylor

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Austin Jazz Singer: Dena Taylor

Dena Taylor

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